Please Read the Entry Guidelines Carefully!

  1. Each entry must be represented in its original format and must have been produced or implemented or run during the 2019 calendar year by a firm or individual located in Texas. If the entry was directed by a company, or a branch office of a company, and produced by another entity (agency, production firm, etc.), at least one of those must be located in Texas. It is acceptable for the work to have been for another geographic market as long as there was a Texas location involved in its direction or production.
  2. Entries are submitted via our online entry system. Paper entries are not accepted. You will be prompted to create a login and password for the system, which will enable you to start an entry, but save it should you choose to complete it at a later date. Any entries that are incomplete and not finalized by the entry deadline will be deleted from the system. Only final/completed entries that have been paid for will move onto judging.
  3. Once you submit your entry, you will automatically be directed to the payment portal. Entry payments are only accepted via this portal.
  4. The firm or individual submitting the entry must have been involved in the direction, development, production and/or implementation of the submitted entry.
  5. If you completed the work on behalf of a client, company, or organization, the client or company name and email contact must be included.
  6. Duplicating entries into more than one category is not acceptable. If you plan to enter the same entry in a separate category, you must make sure (1) the entry fits into the category appropriately and (2) the required information is edited to specifically speak to that category. Entries that are straight duplications into more than one category risk being removed from consideration by the judges.
  7. Each entry must be prepared according to these guidelines and digital requirements listed in the entry system. An entry that fails to follow these guidelines and the digital requirements is subject to disqualification.
  8. The Judges and Crystal Awards judging team may move an entry to a different category and/or divide or merge categories, as it deems appropriate.
  9. The decisions of the judging committee and the judges are final.
  10. No entry fee will be refunded due to an entry’s disqualification, or after the entries are judged.

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Entries Open: February 10, 2021
Entries Close: April 23, 2021
Finalists Announced: May 2, 2021